Death By Seduction

Vampires, faeries, and other magical races being used to control and destroy other creatures are just a little part of the world created by the self-proclaimed queen of LOL Sexy. In Anna J. Evans' latest offering, we are taken into the hidden headquarters of the S.T.F (Supernatural Task Force), where Morgana, a death faerie used by the agency, has just been betrayed by her human partner, Cale. He was a partner whom shed trusted more than anyone else alive, and shes loved him silently since they first met. Unsure as to how and why he could betray her, Morgana is still unwilling to follow her last command and slaughter Cale while testing her new role as a sexual assassin. Cale will have to make Morgan see that he never meant to hurt her before the power encased in her tiny body destroys them both.

I have to admit to sitting here in total shock. A major player in the world of funny erotica stepped away from what I was expecting and took me on a darker jaunt laced with stunning and savage passions. Scored backs, ravenous trysts and a public performance that made even my perverted self blush made this story pure bliss. This is an intriguing fantasy has a chance to become a coveted series if Ms. Evans provides what Im sure will be anxious readers with a follow-up to a story that leaves you wondering what will happen next. Is Cale the one foretold in the horror stories of human children? I cant wait to see if this delicious teaser will become a full-fledged series. It has all the right stuff needed to be a sure hit: action, lust, and throw-me-on-my-back-and-hurt-me sex, not to mention the paranormal blended with fantasy twist.

Reviewed by: Rachelle


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