Anny Cook has put an exciting twist to the story of King Arthur and his Knights. In Chrysanthemum, Arthur is the king of Came-a-lot, where a woman must be a virgin in order to marry, and also were finding a virgin is nearly impossible. Arthur decides he wants his youngest son, Gareth, to get married, and Chrysanthemum is just the virgin for him. That is the beginning of this fun, sexy, and charming story.

At first I was unsure of the story, the writing style is not typical for a romance, but as I read on I found it to be a refreshing change from the norm. It goes back and forth between characters, and it skips all the little details you usually read in romances, but it doesnít take anything away from the story. Also, Chrysanthemum is nothing like the Camelot you have come to know. Arthur is illiterate, his knights are the Knights of the Round Dungeon, and Lancelot was once Arthurís lover. Came-a-lot is also another planet, and we canít forget Robin Hood and his woman, Delphie. As I read the book, I came to love the characters and their many varied peculiarities. Gareth and Chrys are the main characters, but everyone else is also bigger than life. My favorite part of the whole story was Percy, the dragon who wanted his own virgin, Ginnie. The love scenes between all the couples are hot and steamy. Anny Cook has done a great job with her version of this tale, and I would love to read more about this fascinating world that Anny Cook has created.

Reviewed by: Ashley