Winter Hearts

Unity Brooks has already had a tough life, but things just don’t seem to improve. She has tried to make her ratty apartment a home, surrounding herself with things that belong to her. Unity is strong though she’s gotten a job as an accountant for Marshalwoods Technologies, and has been working with Quill as a contract auditor on the company’s books. Unity has found some discrepancies and when she takes them to the supervisor things go from bad to worse.

Aquila Jericho has many secrets and his undercover job is just the beginning. His attraction when meeting Unity at Marshalwoods Technologies, was to say the least inconvenient, he had hoped to meet up with her again in more normal circumstances.

Inconvenient, distracting and unusual is their first and second meeting and it continues.

Anny Cook has given us a fun frolic with a twist in Winter Hearts. The Jericho family is angelic in the extreme with shifting abilities that surprise Unity. Quills attraction to Unity is displayed well interfering with his job, but Unity is not someone he can ignore. Unity is strong but she is tired of starting over, she wants her own home and a family to love; and the Jericho family may be it. I enjoyed this book but wish it had been fleshed out a bit more, especially the early interaction between Unity and Jericho. For an amusing and lighthearted read check out Winter Hearts by Anny Cook.

Reviewed by: Dana P.

Dana P.