Master Me

Ana doesnít seem to be having luck trying out the submissive side she knows is part of her. She just canít seem to find the right Dom to teach her. The latest in a line of possible Domís has turned out to be downright foul. She just canít figure out what to do and confides in her best friend Max. Max knows exactly what she needs and he is going to be the one to show her. Ana canít believe it when Max takes over and shows her what a real Dom does and she isnít sure that this is what she wants. Years of lusting after him but not being able to have him has a built a wall up against any feelings she had. They agree that it is just for learning...but are they kidding themselves?

Master Me is a scintillating story of lust, romance and kink. Max is extremely alpha male and oh so hot. His strong personality and confidence make him the thing of erotic dreams. Ana gives the initial impression of being flighty and not sure what she wants. The sexual tension with Max adds a spicy element to her character and I was pleased with the direction she went. Ms. Paulin has done a great job of bringing to life edgy characters and delicious sex.

Reviewed by: Dawnie