All Chained Up

Keera Thornton never stayed in one place for long, for sheís constantly on the run from a stalker. This time, however, she thought it might be different and had finally shaken off her stalker. It had been six months since she had heard from him. Perhaps she can settle down to exploring a Dom and submissive relationship with her new boss and lover, Theo Cress.

I found Theo surprisingly vulnerable and sensitive for a powerful man controlling his company and being a Dom as well. Itís not something Iíve come across often and I found that I rather liked that side of his character. His love and caring for Keera came through loud and clear.

Keera is a vulnerable heroine who finds it hard to trust or form any attachment to anyone until she met Theo. I can understand her wanting to protect Theo from her stalker by running away again, but I got a little tired of her reasons for it towards the middle.

The attraction between Theo and Keera is explosive and very believable. Their sex is so hot that Iím surprised my computer didnít go up in smoke while reading it. And talk about eroticÖ.all I can say is, Iíll never look at ginger quite the same way again.

If youíre looking for a fast paced erotic read, youíll enjoy this hot little number.

Reviewed by: Karen N.

Karen N.