Boji Stones

Maureen Kelly-Sinclair has one of five mysterious amulets. Her amulet gives her the power to heal and she quietly uses it to heal animals and occasionally people but she knows it must be kept a secret. Then someone tries to run her off the road and she realizes someone knows she has the amulet. When Jack Wolfe turns up at her horse farm the next day asking her to heal his horse, she’s not sure if it is a coincidence or if he is part of the plot to steal her amulet. Then she’s attacked a second time and Jack still could be part of the plan, but she also is attracted to him and that is just making her even more unsure of what or who to believe. When she is attacked the third time and the amulet is stolen, she still can’t quite trust Jack so when he disappears Maureen begins to believe he has violated her trust. Could Jack really have fooled her so thoroughly? Her heart and instincts say no he is too honest and straightforward but her mind says it is just too convenient.

I really hope Boji Stones by Sandra Cox is the first of a new series because it was outstanding. In the beginning of the story there is a prologue with the background about how the five amulets came to be so I hope there will be a story about the each person who has one of the amulets. The premise that the amulets can contain powers to heal, to enhance beauty and creativity, to create wealth, to grant power, or to grant knowledge is just wonderful and fun. In this story a bad guy goes after Maureen to get her amulet and he intends to try to get more of them and I doubt he is the only one who would want them. In Boji Stones, I really liked the feistiness of Maureen’s character; she fights for what she believes in. She is intelligent, caring, and tough. To use the amulet to heal others takes both physical resilience and mental toughness; it hurts Maureen to take the pain of others into her body before the amulet heals her. Jack’s character is strong and loyal; he believes in paying his debts and nothing will deter him when he makes up his mind to do something. I enjoyed the battle between these two strong-willed characters as they try to survive the bad guy and decide what to do about their attractions to one another. Also during this story, another amulet owner appears for a while and I’d love to read her tale next. I highly recommend Boji Stones and hope that this story is just the beginning.

Reviewed by: Stephanie B.

Stephanie B.