Jo Gartner is a middle school science teacher who has been bitten by a vampire but he didn’t finish the job. Jo has developed a severe skin reaction to the sun, an aversion to garlic, and a craving for rare meat but other than that she doesn’t seem to have finished to process of becoming a vampire. Gavin Raines claims to be the taxi driver who brought her home the night she was bitten and he seems to be watching to see if she’ll turn bad. Who is Gavin really? Can Jo trust him? Why has this happened to Jo and can she stop the process and not become a vampire?

I really enjoyed Underdead by Liz Jasper; it is a lighthearted, funny and very entertaining vampire story. This story is a series of one misadventure after another for poor Jo and her friends. I liked the character of Jo; she is feisty, independent, and determined not to become a vampire. Part of the humor in this story is the rampant rumor mill that runs through the school where Jo is employed every time something happens. If you remember playing the game “rumor” when you were a kid, I think you can figure out how the rumor mill comes up with the outlandish humorous stories that circulate through this tale. The character of Will, the vampire that bit Jo, is an interesting one too; is Will a bad vampire out to ruin Jo’s life or not? Then there is Gavin who is he really and why is he so concerned about Jo? If you are looking for a humorous vampire tale, you’ll enjoy Underdead. I hope Ms. Jasper has more books planned to continue with the lives of the characters of Jo, Will, Gavin and their friends. I would really like to read about them again in another tale. I think Underdead would be a great start for a new funny vampire series!

Reviewed by: Stephanie B.

Stephanie B.