Dancing for the Wolf

Jenny Lad has been a secretary for Damon for almost two years. During that time she has fallen in love with him. Finally she decides quitting her job and seducing him is the only way she will get even one night with him.

Damon Alexander has secretly been lusting after Jenny since the day she walked through his door. When she leaves him a present for the annual Christmas party along with her resignation she hands him the key to follow his desires

A short novella packed full of fun. The underlying premise of both Jenny and Damonís unrequited feelings for each other with neither being sure that the attraction was returned was a good plot element. Secrets abounded in this delightful read from L.A. Day. Jenny thinks she knows what sheís getting into when she sets out to pursue her desire for Damon but she has no idea. Damon is bound and determined to have her on his terms but fears Jennyís rejection once she finds out that lust isnít the only thing heís been hiding. Watching Jennyís plan unfold and how Damon reacts to it made for a thoroughly enjoyable read. Well paced, interesting characters and a great plot make this a story that you canít pass up.

Reviewed by: Hayley