One Love for Liv

One Love for Liv is a story about a rich girl who is engaged to a guy of her own financial standing. He is a guy who seems to have it all but his moral standing is in question. Liv suspects heís cheating on her and decides she is going to find out whether or not her suspicions are justified. She goes undercover to find the truth. What she actually finds is what she least expects to find. Liv meets a man who isnít anything like the kind of man she thought sheíd end up with but heís available and willing to help her solve the mystery surrounding her cheating lover, so she and Mike form an unlikely alliance.

Marianne Arkins has done a super job of telling a story of love among the rich and not-so-rich. One Love for Liv is fun and fast-moving. It isnít without its share of bumps for the lovers but it is very entertaining. The story of opposites attracting could be dull but with the quirky character traits these characters have, not to mention their unusual pets, it is anything but boring. I agreed with Livís choice in the end even though Iím not sure I would have taken the same path to finding love. Iím not sure if the lovers will stay together but I suppose that may be the meat of the sequel if there is one! I hope there is, since Ms. Arkinsí writing is clear and concise and makes for very easy reading. One Love for Liv is a satisfying read! I loved it!

Reviewed by: Carly