Snowflake Secrets

Snowflake Secrets begins in 1958, and is the story of a family who shares many loving holiday traditions. On the Christmas in 1958 four sisters each receive a hand crocheted snowflake from their Great Aunt Maude with a poem attached. Each snowflake held a special secret which wouldn’t reveal itself to each of the girls until much later in their lives.

The stories in this anthology take the reader to different points in time and to a number of places. The first is a look at Christmas Eve 2005 in Colorado. One sister’s dead husband and scattered family haunt her in the beginning of Ms. Derr-Wille’s contribution. The tone changes and Christmas Eve takes on a new meaning for Carole.

Ms. Collins’ contribution is Allegra’s story. It begins in February 2007 in California with a phone call no one ever wants to get. Allegra learns her mother has an inoperable tumor. She has to deal with that sad fact while trying to pull her own life together.

The third story, by Ms. Shary, is Sonata’s story. It begins on her sixty first birthday. Her celebration is in a small village outside Marrakesh, Morocco. This part of this book is exceptionally interesting because it shows the time Sonata spent traveling the world while working for UNICEF.

Ms. Rugh contributes the last part of this anthology with Melody’s story. Melody is a writer. She is busy writing when a package is delivered to her door. The package contains some items that will bring the past back to her. It is a gift that is long overdue but really appreciated.

Snowflake Secrets is an awesome collection of stories. It shows the reader each of the sisters. They have each gone on to live separate lives but they are still connected to each other in a way that they cannot ignore. Old handmade snowflakes are the “threads” that tie them together but their memories and shared experiences keep them close too. I really enjoyed this. I’ll probably read it again next winter. It is the perfect holiday story.

Reviewed by: Carly