Charlotte’s Secret

David and Charlotte were in love and thought nothing could tear them apart. Until the night that David got drunk and Charlotte’s sister Susie got pregnant. David knew he had to do the right thing and marry Susie, even if it meant he wouldn’t be happy.

Charlotte has tried to pick up the pieces of her life. She has opened a lingerie shop called “Charlotte’s Secret” and things are going okay until David walks in one day and she can’t help all the feelings that she still has. David’s marriage is not going well and things just aren’t what they seem.

Susie is acting strange and Charlotte knows something is amiss. Secrets are hiding around every corner. Can the truth be told and can Charlotte let David in on the biggest secret of all?

I enjoyed the twist and turns of Charlotte’s Secret. I found the characters to be very believable and could feel the emotion coming right off the pages of the book. The sex is passionately sweet yet sexy and hot. The characters were well developed and the unique twists had me guessing until the end what the outcome would be. The interaction between Charlotte and David is dynamic and leaves the reader wanting more. Marc Nobbs has done a great job bringing this sexy story to life.

Reviewed by: Dawnie