Master of Disaster

Brita Swift and Zeke Masters had a great relationship about a year and a half ago but Zekeís uncontrollable temper ended it for them. Now in the midst of a number five hurricane she goes looking for him with something that can change the world if he will only believe what she has to say. A while ago a man left her a cube and told her that he hoped that she could figure out the mystery of it. All Brita sees is a cube that shows indentations where it joins, but thanks to a dream she knows that Zeke is the person who can unravel the mystery. Will he believe what she tells him about the cube?

Zeke is totally surprised when he opens his hotel room door and sees the love of his life, Brita. It seems that she has decided to get into weather reporting and has come to him to learn from the best, at least thatís her story. What neither of them counted on was the great feelings that they had between them unfurling that they will have to deal now in the midst of this storm. Not only that, but Brita brought this very strange cube with her that keeps turning up in the strangest places even though she said that it should be in her bagóand why canít she see the patterns in the cube that he can?

The storm that Ms. Aames writes about is not near as intoxicating as the storm that rages between Zeke and Brita. These two characters are some of the best in a story that I have read. Maybe itís because they have such a history together but these two can rock any storm and the romance and the storm in this story were such a blast to read, Iím not sure which was hotter the romance or the storm. The tension is very high because of the category five hurricanes that are bearing down on this couple but the tension is also high because they each want the other one back in their bed. The secret that Brita is hiding from Zeke is also a big piece of dread that sits in her stomach, and she only hopes that he accepts what she says is true and helps her when the times comes. Luckily Zeke has two brothers that should get their own story at some point. I will be looking for those two stories because if they are as good as this one it will be a great read.

Reviewed by: Missy