Bound by Your Touch
Lydia Boyce is a spinster and firmly on the shelf at twenty-six. She loved a man once, but he married her sister instead. With Lydia's father in Egypt finding priceless artifacts, she is the matriarch of her family. She wishes she could be in Egypt with her father, but has much responsibility in England. Lydia will try to find funding for the Egypt Exploration Fund which will enable her father to continue his excavations. But things go badly when her father is accused of trading fraudulent pieces.

James Durham, the Viscount of Sanburne, loves to shock people, especially his father. He loves to bet on horses, get into boxing matches and enjoys being friends with some very undesirable people. He has a new target on his list and that is Lydia. He rudely interrupts her important talk at the Archaeological Institute where he wants to show his father a priceless artifact. Lydia knows it is a fake and after that James sets his sights on her. He thinks his father and Lydia are in cahoots together to make him look bad. But then he finds out that her father may be a fraud. Lydia cannot believe her precious papa would do such a thing. She will get to the bottom of this. And because James enjoys annoying Lydia, he will join her in her hunt for the one responsible in discrediting her father.

There is no point in Lydia trying to investigate on her own. James won't let her out of his sight. Soon these two have teamed up. James can't help but show his appreciation toward Lydia, which confuses her greatly. She won't allow herself to fall in love with James. James is the type of man who enjoys the hunt and he will try and make Lydia his willing prey because she will be his salvation.

Meredith Duran has made quite the splash in the historical romance world. In Bound by Your Touch, she has written an intelligent and witty romance that will be one of the must read books of the year. The dialogue is crisp and lively and her characters are in a word, lovely.

James is like a naughty little boy who enjoys getting in trouble. Lydia is the complete opposite. When these two come together, it is too good for words. Talk about opposites attracting! The banter and interactions between James and Lydia bring this story alive. They both see something special with one another that no one else can see.

Bound by Your Touch exceeded all my expectations and more. I bow down to Meredith Duran and her expertise at writing a book that makes me want to read it all over again.

Reviewed by: Katie