Object of His Desire
Henry Shaw has left behind his country life, and entered into the privileged world of the ton. Over the years, he has shared his hidden desire with very few men, but Lord Somerville, Arsen Grey, makes Henry wish for more than a brief encounter. Arsen is the type of man Henry would never allow himself to share; too bad, there has never been a hint of inclination that Arsen enjoys male bedfellows.

Arsen is tired of life in the ton, and is ready for a simpler lifestyle along with the love of a mistress. His invitation to Henry holds more than a friendly offer to sew wild oats over a week, it's an opportunity to get to know the man who has captured his attention.

Object of His Desire proves that Ava March knows how to incorporate a gay romance into a regency setting to produce a fantastic story. Henry has a kind heart to go with his large body. Loyal to a fault, he's a true friend and gives Arsen a glimpse of the man who dwells within him, a man who is wishing for love and companionship. Arsen's title hasn't gone to his head. He's played his role over the years and knows it's time to grant himself the gift of a real relationship. Henry sees the honor in the older man, and it attracts him as much as Arsen's handsome features. What is there not to love about this story? Two handsome men in their own right, while one is rich the other isn't as financially secure. They become friends and eventually lust after one another. The erotic encounters are passionate and while they have a definitely harder edge, they still have a way of showing Arsen and Henry's depth of love and caring. Ava March hasn't disappointed me to date. Her books contain an element of whit, appealing characters, and love-laced sensual sex scenes.

Reviewed by: NeNe