All I Want For Christmas
Erin loves Christmas, from the silly songs to the twinkling lights and the children's squeals of delight, but this year things aren't going according to plan. With missing gifts, an office Christmas party to organize and way too much work to get done before the holiday break, the last thing she needs is to look like a klutz in front of the Director of Finance. Dex Mitchell is Erin's secret fantasy, and getting his attention by behaving like a bumbling idiot is the last straw for Erin's holiday cheer. But a little too much wine, a little flirting and a hot make-out session in the ladies room at their work party just might be the start of the best Christmas she's ever had.

All I Want For Christmas by Kelly Jamieson is a lighthearted read that had me laughing and sympathizing with Erin. Everyone knows Christmas is a busy time, and Ms. Jamieson has a delightful style that shows the funny side of all the dramas this time of year brings. Erin and Dex are both caught in an attraction neither has voiced, but things get a little push in the right direction and then a great big shove with one hot little encounter in the bathroom at the office Christmas party. Insecurity has Erin ducking out before facing Dex, but she's in for a surprise when he finds her at work the next day. I loved this little read, and Ms. Jamieson's cast of characters added to this lovely little tale of love. All I Want For Christmas reminds us that Christmas really does have miracles.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.