Hearts Afire March
Find 'em Hot, Leave 'em Wet by Jade Morrison

When a fire gives the police a chance to get inside the home of a known criminal, they're not about to let the opportunity go by. But when officers and firemen who attended start dying in mysterious circumstances, it's clear that something was missed. Madison Rose and Logan Wylde found more than the fire heating up. Their instant attraction has them meeting after work and as things start to turn deadly, they stick together to find out where the threat to them and their work mates is coming from and how to stop it. Can they stop a killer in time or will he take the away the promise of a future that burns brighter than any fire.

Ena's Fire by Shaunta Grimes

Ena is a witch, one of four sisters with one of the four elements at their command. Ena chooses to use her powers to fight the wildfires that ravage the country side. She's never felt in full control of her power, and when her attraction to her new boss turns to more than a working relationship, she finds the one thing she's always lived without. Stability. Charlie Reese is drawn to Ena like no other and the need to protect her has him giving orders that have them butting heads on a regular basis. With the latest fires deliberately lit, it's more than their hearts on the line, because if they can't stop the fires they'll be fighting for the lives.

Find 'em Hot, Leave 'em Wet does just that. It's a hot little tale that satisfies on all levels. Madison and Logan spark off each other, and Logan's bad boy personality is hard to resist but he's more than what he seems. As they rush into a relationship you're pulled along for the ride, and when the danger gets a little too close, you're biting your nails and hoping they can work together to solve the mystery. I loved the way Ms. Morrison showed their emotions developing while keeping the physical chemistry hot. And I was more than satisfied with the way the bad guy got his just rewards.

Shaunta Grimes has written a captivating story about a witch who finds what she never knew she needed. Ena's Fire heats up from the beginning but don't think the only thing hot around here is the wildfire they're fighting. Charlie and Ena spark off each other at every turn, whether he's giving orders she doesn't want to follow or he's giving kisses she doesn't want to stop, their chemistry scorches. Add in the drama of a firebug and you've got some edge of your seat action. With Ena's sisters playing a role in this intriguing little tale I'm looking forward to seeing what else Ms. Grimes has in store for us in the future. If Ena's Fire is anything to go by, it'll be more than worth getting your hands on.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.