Tempting Tori
J.T. Courage has almost everything he's ever wanted. The one thing eluding him is the perfect woman, and he knows where she is. He just has to claim her, but for now he'll keep her safe and within his sight.

Tori Abrams can't spend another day living with the man she loves and not being able to touch. Her heart is breaking with every second she holds in the love she feels for a man who'll never return her love.

J.T. isn't about to let Tori leave without tempting her to stay, and if that means taking advantage of some leather and the lush body that responds to his touch, he'll do it, because he's not about to let her go.

N.J. Walters never fails to deliver a satisfying read. Tempting Tori is another excellent read. It might be a quickie, but you'll be more than satisfied at the end. Ms. Walters has an amazing skill of weaving love and lust into a story, and it doesn't seem to matter what page length she chooses. J.T. is one scorching hot cowboy, and the things he does to Tori in the barn, wow, get out the fire extinguisher. And he doesn't stop there; poor Tori doesn't stand a chance. Already in love with the man, she just melts at his touch. All Ms. Walters's books are worth picking up and Tempting Tori is no different, but you better sit outside to read it, because you don't want to set of your smoke detectors.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.