The McCassey Brothers Trilogy
Author Lauren N. Sharman's award winning novels No Worries, The Devil's Candy and Dusty Rose are now available in one Megabook.

No Worries delivers the first of the McCassey brothers, Rebel. Having spent his whole life living up to the bad boy image his last name has guaranteed him, Rebel is unprepared for Gypsy Lance and her accepting nature. Gypsy stirs feelings Rebel has never dealt with, but he'll do anything to keep her friendship and trust. When Gypsy's past threatens to take more than just their chance at happiness, Rebel will stop at nothing to keep the chance of a future and her alive.

The Devil's Candy shows that even the devil has a heart. Nothing but family brings Blackie McCassey to his knees. It's a shame no one told Angel Shelby that. Forced into a marriage of convenience neither of them expects more than having a signed piece of paper between them, but hearts often don't do what they're told. Blackie has kept himself out of trouble since he last got out of jail, but Angel has him skirting the law once again when every move she makes finds trouble. But someone from Blackie's past wants revenge and will use everything they can to get it, even Angel.

Dusty Rose sees the final McCassey brother find his match. Dusty Zamora left town ten years ago with more than memories of the McCassey brothers, when she rides back into town on a stolen motorcycle she's not looking for help from any of the McCassey's. Judd has other ideas, he's never forgotten the girl Dusty was and the woman she's become appeals to him even more, but she's got secrets and danger dogging her tail. If the danger doesn't get them killed the secrets just might destroy any hope of a future.

Lauren N. Sharman delivers gut wrenching, spine tingling, and heart stirring tales that really shouldn't be missed. All the McCassey men are rough around the edges and would have most of us running in the other direction if we crossed them in the street. But don't let that scare you off, these guys might give you shivers of fear, but they're real and they're loyal to the death. Each book pulls you deeper into their lives and as you turn the pages you find yourself getting closer to them and the women who match them in every way. Ms. Sharman does a wonderful job of showing how these brothers became the way they are, and while they may be a little rough and violent, they're men you can trust to stand by your side no matter what. Ms. Sharman doesn't shy away from any of the emotions involved or the manner in which they choose to deal with life and all it dishes out. The McCassey Brothers Trilogy Megabook is one you need to have on your keeper shelf.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.