Altered States: Beast Within
Haley Lundberg is a Parks and Wildlife Officer and she finds a naked man in a cage in her van. How did he get there with a tag in his ear? She knows she had a wildcat that she tagged in the cage. Haley knows this man needs her help to control his shifting but is she willing to accept the wildcat and the man? What will Haley do to help Dylan control his shifting?

Dylan Thomas Gomez was a Special Forces officer that has been held captive and genetically altered at Hell Hospital. He must embrace and face the beast within him for him to be whole. He knows Haley is his mate, but can he convince her she belongs to him? Now he is on the hunt for the ones responsible for what he is. Will he find what he is hunting for?

Betty Hanawa has a scorcher with Altered States - Beast Within. Haley's and Dylan's story will have readers begging for more. Ms. Hanawa keeps readers guessing with this sizzling story. Altered States - Beast Within is packed full of action and passion. This is a fantastic paranormal read that should not be missed. I truly enjoyed Altered States - Beast Within and I cannot wait to see what Ms. Hanawa will come up with next.

Reviewed by: Sonya