Hard Candy
Lenore Byrne must come up with a marketing plan for Innocent Pleasures Candy Company. But these candies are anything but innocent. A contest involving a golden ticket and a trip to a hedonistic club where all your fantasies come true seems like the perfect plan until her client walks in the door. Pallator Sinclair oozes sex appeal that's hard to resist.

Pallator isn't having much luck finding the right campaign to launch his new company, than is until he meets Lenore. Her ideas intrigue him, but it's her he wants for his company and for himself. Taking her on a tour of the fantasy club just might get him both, if she trusts him enough to let go.

Hard Candy by Amy Ruttan has all the right ingredients for a sweet time. Ms. Ruttan has delivered an enjoyable read with two characters that burn up the pages. While the plot is solid and able to carry the story, I would have liked this one to be a longer more in-depth read. I enjoyed watching Pallator and Lenore take their journey, and the hot sex didn't miss either. If you have a sweet tooth then Hard Candy is the book for you.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.