The McCassey Cousins 1: When Night Falls
Flynn McCassey is used to dealing with danger. As part of the extended McCassey family he's seen his share, his cousins might refer to him as the quiet one but when they need information he's the one they call on. Now Flynn has been entrusted with Georgia McCassey's best friend, Missy. All he has to do is take her home but things aren't what they seem and Flynn must convince Missy to trust him enough to reveal the truth or she might not live for them to explore the connection between them.

Missy Grace wanted only to escape and visiting her long lost friend in Hagerstown, Maryland seemed the perfect way out of her dire situation. She didn't count on meeting a man like Flynn and she certainly didn't count on putting him or Georgia in danger. When she's forced to go home and face her problems Missy doesn't think about how that might put Flynn in even more danger and accepts his offer to drive her. On the long drive, Missy reveals what's really going on and Flynn only has hours to come up with a plan to keep her alive.

When Night Falls by Lauren N Sharman follows her McCassey Brothers trilogy, taking us back into the heart of a tight-knit family that stop at nothing to protect their own. Having read all the other McCassey books I was keen to read more about them and having a soft spot for the quiet Flynn I couldn't wait to dive in and discover who and what he'd be dealing with. Missy, at times struck me as immature and childish but then I'd be reminded of how old she was and what she'd suffered and realize that Ms. Sharman has portrayed her perfectly. She's a mix of scared child and adult woman with no options of escape and yet her bravery and eternal hope keep her going. The budding relationship between Flynn and Missy develops in spite of the danger they are both facing. If you've read the other McCassey stories you won't want to miss When Night Falls.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.