Krysta's Curse
Krysta's Curse by Tara West is the third book in the Whispers series.

Krysta is not your average teenager because she sees and talks to ghosts. In a way she is lucky because her two best friends, Sophie and AJ, have unusual gifts too. The three stick together through thick and thin, and in their lives the unusual is the norm. On top of that, Krysta's family comprises of herself, her very dysfunctional father and his ever changing airhead girlfriends. Krysta has basically taken care of herself for as long as she can remember. She awakens to find two elderly ghosts, Ed and Gertrude, in her room calling her Emmy Jane. They tell her that they were awakened when people started messing around with their grave site. Gertrude and Ed want her to find a way to restore their grave site and leave them in piece. Things keep going out of control when Krysta is supposed to meet with her lab partner Byron who is the most handsome guy in school. For some reason, he has sough her out, but their study time is interrupted by the two ghosts who are haunting her. Krysta and Byron go to study at Mocha Madness, a hangout of Krysta's.Things quickly spiral out of control when an employee, Sunny's very scary and dangerous boyfriend arrives with a very threatening demeanor. What will happen at the Mocha Madness? Will Krysta find a way to help Ed and Gertrude? Will Krysta find a way to balance her home, school, and unusual gift?

Ms. West has created a fast paced story that balances real life with the paranormal into one incredible story. I loved watching how Krysta, AJ, and Sophie learned to use their talents in ways to help each other. Sophie's gift of reading minds and AJ's dreams that come true help them to solve any problems that they come across. It was astonishing to watch Krysta as she balanced all the crazy situations the ghosts get her into with life as a teenager, which is difficult on it's own. I loved how the vivid descriptions of the ghosts bring them to life in their comical and scary natures. I haven't read any stories by Ms. West, but I for one am going to read more of her Whispers Series.

Reviewed by: Teresa