Hallowed Circle
The adventures continue with witch Persephone Alcmedi in Hallowed Circle.

Now that high priestess, Vivian Diamond is gone, the witch elder council is looking for a replacement. Lydia Whitmore, a friend and fellow witch, calls Persephone up and informs her that she had nominated her as the next high priestess. The less Persephone has to do with the elders the better. Unfortunately, she can't figure out a way to get out of this situation. She shows up for the Eximium. The eximium is a series of events that will test all the nominees from book smarts to survival skills. Persephone will have some stiff competition with the enemy...Hunter Hopewell. Persephone may not be taking the competition seriously but someone is. Someone is eliminating the other witches one by one. Can Persephone figure out who it is before it is too late? Also, it seems there is trouble in paradise between Persephone and Johnny.

I thought this series was already good when I read Vicious Circle, but after finishing Hallowed Circle I am now a true fan of author Linda Robertson. She brings exciting characters with a good story line that equals...pure magic. Witches, werewolves and romance...oh my! I enjoyed getting to see Persephone come into her powers and accept her fate more. I really hope she and Johnny work things out as they are a good couple together. Can't wait to see what new obstacles Persephone tackles in the next book.

Reviewed by: Cheryl