Lucy in the Sky
It's not every day that aliens land in a girl's back yard. When Lucy Brilliant Sunbeam Pineapple Princess Ferze (yes, that's her full real name) first spots the spaceship through her kitchen window, she thinks she's gone insane. But hey, her mother didn't nickname her 'Stupid' for nothing. Barefooted and clad only in her pajamas, she goes outside to investigate. That's when she realizes that not only is the spaceship real, it comes with an inhabitant: a very sexy human-looking alien named Three. But that's only the beginning of Lucy's adventures, because before she can raise the alarm, Three hauls her up over his shoulder and tosses her into his spaceship. Soaring among the stars, Lucy and Three can't keep their hands off each other. Things get even more complicated when the ship's senior science officer, Hyll, makes it clear that he's been lusting after Three for years, and he's got plans of his own to make Three his, permanently.

What a fun book! With her trademark humor, Barbara Elsborg takes a fish-out-of water story and gives it a whole new edge. The science fiction aspect of the book is perfectly in tune with the high level of eroticism, and each element enhances the other. What pleasantly surprised me the most, though, was the depth of the characters. Lucy's bold adventurous spirit will charm and delight, while Three's unique mix of vulnerability and strength is sure to captivate. Not only are Lucy and Three wonderfully developed, but Hyll is as well, making the far-fetched storyline delightfully believable. Lucy in the Sky is a fantastic story suitable for fans of the science fiction genre, but also for those readers who aren't as comfortable without their feet planted firmly on solid ground. This entertaining novel is a joy to read.

Reviewed by: Jazlyn