A Question of Love
Could you walk away from the person you love? That is what Gabe Carter did four years pervious, as a matter of honour, when he realized he'd fallen deeply in love with the woman he and his best mate Connor share a passionate relationship with. Now he has a chance to right that wrong but is the feisty Tina Jenkins willing to give him a second chance? And what of her demand that she will only have him if Connor is part of the deal?

Gabe will have his work cut out for him to get Tina to accept only him. He almost destroyed her when he walked away and she is not prepared to go through that sort of heartache again. He will do anything to prove his love for her and that he is the only man she will ever need in her bed.

A Question of Love is the sequel to A Question of Trust. Like all of Jess Dee's novels she manages to bring the emotional connection between Gabe and Tina to the forefront of her story. You can feel the pain that these two lovers went through in their time apart. It is obvious Ms. Dee writes from the heart and has the ability to live the story with her characters. The sexual tension steams up the pages, you can't help but want them to work out their problem and find their happy ever after. If you want a story that will take you on the ride of your life A Question of Love is the one for you.

Reviewed by: Sandie