Reincarnated Deathwish
Amelia is reincarnated every one hundred years only to be killed on her twenty second birthday, which happens to be October 31st. At night she's haunted by dreams filled with both passion and her death. She knows she's to be killed by a demon, and she knows that she'll ask for this. But what she can't remember is why.

I found this story to be unique. I'd never read anything quite like Reincarnated Deathwish. Ms Breazile writes an interesting story that keeps you wondering if Amelia will really die, how and why. Unfortunately the downfall of the story, in my opinion, is the main character Amelia. I found her to be whiney. She's going to die, she know this and she knows who kills her, yet she doesn't really seem to want to do anything other than complain about it and how her love life sucks. The ending while answering my questions seemed anticlimactic after everything was said and done. It also left me slightly conflicted as well, feeling happy and a little sad for the characters and what destiny has in store for them. Other than that this is a good story with hot sex scenes and a unique story line.

Reviewed by: Shandy