Sacrificial Hearts
Twila Deeds, a literature major, has no idea where her brother, Danny, could be. With his huge computer named Jaws, he hacked into some system, causing the FBI to trail his every move. Twila suspected they were still watching the house, since a couple of the Feds made personal house calls. Danny will be the death of her. Gerald Abercrombie arrives, claiming to be a Fed, and he knows of Danny’s whereabouts. Twila cannot believe Danny is a member of some cult. The cult is not composed of Wiccans or witches but instead of alchemists. Twila doesn’t believe in alchemy. Gerald finds her witty, humorous and excellent Druidess material. They plan to travel through time and take her through the Stones of Destiny. The Brothers marry Druid Sisters, and she has been chosen to marry one of the Brothers. Twila is not into their game-marriage idea or the time-travel idea. As she tries to put all the pieces together with the reason behind Danny hacking into the database, she wonders if Gerald can be trusted. As for taking a husband, forget that. While Twila finds a way to return home, Gerald’s feelings for her deepen.

Interesting characters, a fascinating plot, and a fantasy theme with some twists and turns that this reader never expected were all incorporated into Sacrificial Hearts. I enjoyed the suspense as Twila anticipates her brother’s whereabouts. The intensity surrounding Twila and everything she endures to locate Danny keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. Skhye Moncrief spins a different kind of romance: erratic with a blend of diverse characters. The way she interchanges Twila by being frustrated one minute then irritated the next makes her a believable character throughout the story. I could share in some of her sentiments when it came to her brother, not to mention learning how she could be a Druid in this entertaining adventurous ride.

Reviewed by: Linda L.