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*RR* - Recommended Read


Erotic Romance Anthology

Total Surrender by C. McCray

Erotic Romance Contemporary

Big Temptation by Robin L. RothamCover Model by Marie Rochelle
Danger, Word Games! by Eve SummersDo You Trust Me by Desiree Holt
Enough Love for Two by Maggie CasperFrench Twist by Sloane Taylor
Her Best Man by Michelle HoustonHer Dakota Men by Leah Brooke
*RR*  One on One by Cathryn FoxSix by Opal Carew
*RR*  'Til Death Do We Part by Madison LayleWeekend Games by Cara Carnes

Erotic Romance Fantasy

Seduced and Enchanted by Stephanie JulianSeduced and Ensnared by Stephanie Julian
Seduced in Shadow by Stephanie Julian

Erotic Romance Historical

*RR*  A Summer Without Rain by Christie GordonCarla's Delicious Secret by Emma Wildes
Once in a Lifetime by Jade Falconer

Erotic Romance NonTraditional

A Gift Worth Sharing by Marty RayneAll She Ever Wanted by Tonya Ramagos
At Long Last by Shawn LaneBeholding the Moon by Augusta Li
Bravo! Brava! by Jet Mykles*RR*  Breathe 1: Sanguine Shadows by Willa Okati
*RR*  Captivity by Adrianna DaneCattle Valley: Gone Surfin' by Carol Lynne
*RR*  Conflict by Stevie WoodsGym Dandy by Storm Grant
High Line by T. A. ChaseHouse of the Swallows by L.E. Bryce
Island Bois by A. J. LlewellynLonely Hearts by Adrianna Dane
Loving Lucas by Lisa MarieMa Ma Loa by A. J. Llewellyn
Men on Holiday: Cowboy’s Christmas by Carol McKenzieMr. Fantasy by Zoe Nichols
New Year's Fire by Kate SteeleNorth Storm by Willa Okati
Now and Forever by Addison AlbrightNowhere Man by Jamie Craig
Outage by J. M. SnyderPlaying The Field: Faceoff by J. M. Snyder
Renovations: In a Family Way by Anah CrowSettler's Mine 3: The Woman by Mechele Armstrong
Sleeping with the Past by Cassidy Ryan*RR*  Snowed In by Rhianne Aile & Madeleine Urban
Some Place Only We Know by Christiane FranceThose Who Cherish by Jamie Craig
True North by Bethany BrownUndiscovered Territory by Chrissy Munder

Erotic Romance Other

A Matter Among Men by Destiny BlaineMutiny in Chapter Three by Shelby Morgen

Erotic Romance Paranormal Other

*RR*  Bound Eternally by Dawn Montgomery*RR*  Bound in Fury by Dawn Montgomery
Death by Delilah by Ashlyn Chase*RR*  Fallen Angel by Sherrill Quinn
The Erotic Ghost by Audrey Godwin

Erotic Romance Paranormal ShapeShifters

Coyote's Mate by Lora LeighDog Walk by Lesli Richardson
Doggy Style by Lesli Richardson

Erotic Romance Sci-Fi

Menagerie by Lara SantiagoProphesied by Liz Craven
Spaceport: Highest Bidder by Lexxie CouperTechno Thrall by Storm Grant
VR Palace by J. M. Snyder

Erotic Romance Suspense

Legacy of Fear by Samantha LucasPalace of the Jaguar by Betty Womack

General Fiction

Pirates by Ciaran & Coal Corby

Historical Romance 20th Century

*RR*  Ship of Dreams by Reilly Ryan

Historical Romance Regency

Lady Anne and the Howl in the Dark by Donna LeaLord Devereaux's Lady by Blaise Kilgallen
*RR*  Reckless Liaisons by Kayleigh JamisonSteeplechase by Blair Bancroft
Wicked Intentions by Lydia Joyce

Romance Contemporary

All of Me by Lori WildeGoldie's Bear by Pat Dale
Home Style Lovin' by Elizabeth Palmer*RR*  Sunset Bay by Susan Mallery
Wayback Texas: All The Way Back by Cindy Spencer

Romance Fantasy

Finding a Heart of Snow by Ian SentelikLast Chance Upon a Murder by Desirée Lee
The Mage by Jean Johnson

Romance Paranormal Other

A Kiss of Ashen Twilight by Rae Lori*RR*  Bedeviled by Maureen Child
Bridget's Rainbow by C.H. Admirand*RR*  Every Demon Has His Day by Cara Lockwood
Murder Game by Christine FeehanMuseums are Murder by Carol Shenold
Ravenous by Sharon AshwoodSacrificial Hearts by Skhye Moncrief
The Accidental Human by Dakota CassidyThe Dragon Master by Allyson James
*RR*  Undead on Arrival by L.A. Banks

Romance Paranormal Shape Shifters

*RR*  Kiss of Fate by Deborah Cooke

Romance Paranormal Suspense

*RR*  Eye Walker by Barbara Miller

Romance Paranormal Vampire

Bloodlines by Skyla Dawn*RR*  Love at First Stake by J. Morgan
Real Vampires Don't Diet by Gerry BartlettStakes & Stilettos by Michelle Rowen

Romance Paranormal Witch

Witchy Woes 4: Macy by Michelle Hasker

Romance Suspense

Cowboy Lies by Lynde Lakes*RR*  Invisible by Kimber Chin
Love Me Tomorrow by Dee TenorioMurphy’s Law by Kat Attalla
The First Sin by Cheyenne McCray

Sci-Fi Anthology

Esther May Morrow’s Buy or Borrow by Arthur Everest


Baby Shark’s Beaumont Blues by Robert FateLessons in Desire by Charlie Cochrane

Urban Fantasy

*RR*  In The Blood by Adrian Phoenix

Young Adult

*RR*  Dead End Street by Rick R. Reed