Cowboy Lies
Molli canít remember the man standing in front of her. The fact that heís supposed to be her husband and the father of the baby she canít remember only add to her shock. Matt claims sheís suffering from amnesia and what heís telling her is the truth, but if she loved this man so much to have his child, why canít she remember either of them? With each day the hunky rancher dropped clues that werenít adding up. A virtual prisoner on his ranch, Molli is forced to accept all that he tells her. And if itís all a lie, what could he possible want?

Cowboy Lies by Lynde Lakes takes us on a whirlwind journey of lies, love and murder. Molliís struggle to regain a life she doesnít remember is heart wrenching. She feels a connection to Matt and the baby but has no memories of them. The more time she spends with both the more she connects but things arenít what they seem, and her doubt of Matt and all he tells her only confuses her more. Matt is an honorable man who wants nothing but to keep Molli and her baby safe, and if that means lying to her, he will. Ms. Lakes has you taking twist and turns when you least expect them, making Cowboy Lies an entertaining read.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.