Love Me Tomorrow
Josh Whittaker has loved Miranda McTiernan for as long as he can remember, but she deserves someone better than him and keeping her at arm’s length has been easy, until now. With his best friend dead, Josh is forced to face not only his grief but Miranda’s too. When comfort turns to passion, neither of them can deny what’s in their hearts.

Miranda is through waiting for Josh to come around, losing a mutual friend opens her eyes to how short life can be, too short for waiting. One night gives her a lifelong dream, pregnant and with Josh finally allowing her close, she might get her happily ever after. But someone doesn’t want Josh happy. Not satisfied with him losing a friend; they’ll stop at nothing until Josh loses everything he holds dear.

Love Me Tomorrow by Dee Tenorio is an explosive read that keeps you guessing until the end. The citizens of Rancho Del Cielo pull you into their world and find a place in your heart. Josh is one hot fireman dedicated to taking care of those he loves and the town he lives in. But Miranda is more than a match for him. As they duck and weave their way toward the love of a life time they’re forced to battle not only the problems between them but the madman bent on destroying everything Josh loves. Add Miranda’s unplanned pregnancy and Ms. Tenorio has penned an enthralling, nail biting read that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This is book two in Ms. Tenorio’s Rancho Del Cielo Romance series, and I’ll be heading off to buy the first. Love Me Tomorrow can’t wait for tomorrow, it needs to be read today.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.