Maeve Delaney is a loner out of necessity. She works as a specialist at making people disappear and talking about herself or others will get someone killed. When her elderly friend dies leaving an unusual quest before giving his favorite nephew, Hagen Rayner, his home and belongings, Maeve is the only person Hagen is allowed to consult to meet the unusual conditions of the will. But why should Maeve help, she doesn’t know him or owe him anything? Maeve did care about her friend though, and she knows the only way Hagen can meet the requirements is with her help. Too bad Hagen has a temper, a potty mouth, is too handsome for his own good, and doesn’t think much of Maeve because he cannot win without her.

This is a very entertaining story filled with details on how people can protect or hide their identities and personal information from others. The cases Maeve deals with are more involved and intense than the average person will ever deal with, but it is a fascinating world of secrets, loyalties, and allegiances. It is Maeve’s world, and Hagen has no idea what he has just been thrust into. His uncle’s scavenger hunt will lead them through a dangerous series of clues to locate the paperwork Hagen needs to claim his inheritance. But the wily old man also used clues that only Hagen with his unique experience as an Antique and Art collector will be able to understand and plants them in locations that only Maeve will be able to find. Maeve is a very intelligent woman who has had to learn some really hard lessons in life that have helped her develop her unusual business and her talents were used first for herself. Hagen is a successful business man, but he is clueless in this world of hidden identities and shadowy associates that Maeve knows. Then to further complicate the issues Maeve and Hagen are extremely attracted to one another, but Hagen already has his perfect woman picked out. Maeve doesn’t trust anyone so any kind of future between these two is very unlikely.

I loved this book. I truly hope Ms. Chin plans another book or two set in this shadowy and mysterious world of hidden identities. Maeve crosses paths with many acquaintances whose stories would make for good sequels. I would particularly like to know what happens with the men she has left behind who would have loved her if she had loved them; can they find someone else like Maeve? Or maybe a book about one or more of the cases Maeve or someone like her works to make someone disappear. We get a peak at one story with one of Maeve’s friends, and I would love to read more! Invisible is a truly remarkable book, and one I highly recommend! Anyone who loves suspense, mysteries, puzzles, or intrigue will love this book.

Reviewed by: Stephanie B.