In the Heat of the Moment
Brett Morton has wanted Shawn Tate from the first moment he saw him. Being Shawn’s boss is only one of the problems Brett faces with his attraction to Shawn. When Brett sees Shawn dancing with another man in a BDSM resort bar Brett knows that only he could dominate the natural submissive. The other problem is Shawn’s a whole lot reluctant to be truly dominated properly. Can Brett show him the proper way it’s done in time to prove Shawn and Brett belong together?

Okay, I don’t normally like BDSM stories, but Kim Dare has a way of writing that is completely appealing, BDSM and all! Probably because she makes every character and plot line seem so down to earth and realistic. Brett and Shawn are certainly no exception. I love the growth Shawn shows through-out the story. His growth is centered around the plot rather nicely, allowing the reader to get sucked in quickly. Again, this also makes Shawn very human with human problems and emotions. Brett’s function in this story is simply to help Shawn, and he plays the roll well, making him equally as likable. Characters like Shawn and Brett is exactly why Kim Dare is one of my favorite authors.

Reviewed by: April