Serengeti Heat
Ava Minor is the smallest and weakest in her shape-shifting lion pride, but now she is done being the good girl. She has never had a choice, but now with a new alpha, sexy Landon King, she takes a chance to be bad. Landon is trying to reform the pride, and get rid of their outdated traditions. He hasn't had much time to think about taking a mate, but he knows he needs to soon. As soon as Ava crosses his path he knows he has to have her, especially when he notices she's in heat. Ava knows she isn't in the running for the alpha's mate, but she wants just one wild night with Landon before he's taken.

I really enjoyed Serengeti Heat. Ava is a terrific heroine. She isn't the biggest and baddest female, but she is strong in her own ways. She is someone I could see myself being friends with. She is likable, and even though she is the weakest physically, she is smart and can stand up for herself. Ava has accepted her place in the pride for so long that it seems to be all she knows, until Landon shows up.

Landon is also a great hero. He is a strong alpha, but he's not over the top. He doesn't try to dominate; he is a truly nice guy who just happens to be in charge. Landon knows that Ava isn't the usual choice for a mate, but he wants her and he refuses to let her, or the pride, get in his way of having her.

The only problem I had with this story is a secondary character that seemed like she was going to cause trouble, but she accepts the mating without even saying a word. I was expecting more from her, and was a little surprised that she seemed to be wasted. I still loved the story and I wish it had been longer. Vivi Andrews did a great job and I am looking forward to reading more by her.

Reviewed by: Ashley