Her Boyfriendís Boyfriend
Cassie is rich. The longest she has been in a relationship is a month. She has been with her current boyfriend, Neil Findal for four months. A big reason has to do with the fact that Neil is not a gold digger. He has his own money. Cassie and Neil met at a charity event.

Lou is Neilís best friend. He has become Cassieís good friend as well. They have even worked together a few times as Lou is an eventís planner. He also happens to be bi-sexual. Neil tried to go straight for Cassie but it is getting harder to keep his previous life from her. Neil still loves Lou. Will Cassie be the third in this threesome?

I thought the sexual chemistry between Neil and Lou was way hotter then the one that Cassie, Neil and Lou shared together. I felt this was because Neil and Lou had this really deep intimate relationship that you could experience. I do have to admit though Cheryl Dragon can make any combination whether it isÖm/m, f/f, m/f/m, f/f/m very hot. Hot enough that you will need a tall cold glass of water after reading her books. Ms. Dragon slays me with another good read in Her Boyfriendís Boyfriend.

Reviewed by: Cheryl