Vicious Circle
Persephone “Steph” Alcmedi is a witch, and her friends are werewolves. She watches out for her friends by allowing them to stay in her basement when the moon is full. Steph has no problems with her friends leaving a mess, but her new roommate does. Her Nana has moved in with Steph. She expects Steph to take care of her, though Nana is way capable of taking care of herself.

When one of Steph’s friends Lorrie is murdered, Steph is contacted by Vivian Diamond, a high priestess to eliminate Lorrie’s killer. Vivian tells Steph that she knows who killed Lorrie. His name is Goliath Kane, and he is a vampire. Steph accepts the job.

Meanwhile Johnny, lead singer for Lycanthropia, a techno-metal goth band, is ready to take his and Steph’s relationship farther.

Vicious Circle is a smart, action-packed urban fantasy that will have fans everywhere cheering for more! There are so many great characters to choose from that it was hard to choose a favorite, but I did have one. It was Steph’s Nana. She wanted to be in the middle of everything, but at the same time didn’t like what Steph did. She especially disliked the werewolves. She felt they would hurt her, so she got herself a Great Dane puppy. Just picture a little old lady taking care of a hyper-active puppy. Vicious Circle deserves four angels.

Reviewed by: Cheryl