Butterfly Unpinned
Bryan Lapahie has just landed a dream job carving wood sculptures for Gary Sanderson, a wealthy and domineering photographer. Crafting the female statues at the client’s huge mansion has proven to be an experience like no other. It seems that Gary has extreme tastes and collects more than just art. Bryan is stunned to learn that his client has four female slaves and they have been given leave to serve all of his needs even if they are sexual. He has no desire to take them up on their offer of service until he meets the shy Butterfly. In Bryan she awakens a desire to explore his darker side. After getting a clearer view of the true horror of her life with Gary, it’s no longer about sexual temptation, but about saving her from Gary and maybe from herself.

Butterfly was content to be a model slave and serve her Master, until Bryan walks into the mansion and turns her world upside down. No longer happy to simply exist for the whim of a Master who has stripped her down to nothing more than an object, she dreams of freedom and love, two things she thought weren’t possible for her.

Bryan and Butterfly will have to sacrifice more than either of them imagined to break the bonds of the past and fly free.

What a horrifying, powerful and beautiful story authors Bonnie Dee and Laura Bacchi have created with Butterfly Unpinned. I was gripped hard from the very beginning and I couldn’t put it down until I’d read the very last word. This was so much more than I was expecting and it was a veritable whirlwind of emotions.

Butterfly’s story, like her namesake, is beautifully illustrated with her struggle to grow from a broken and damaged slave into a strong, independent woman. Her fear and anxiety was palpable and overwhelming at times, but exactly as I would imagine a woman in her position feeling. I really liked that her journey brought growth and change for Bryan as well. This was not just a typical white knight tale.

The contrast between the two different worlds represented in this novel was stark and clearly defined. It almost seemed as if I had been holding my breath for the first half of the story and then was finally able to breathe as it transitioned into the second half of the book, very skillfully and cleverly done! I have to say that I took a small break to recommend this book to a few friends before I was even finished reading it and I can’t give it a higher recommendation than that!

Reviewed by: Heather