I Bid One American
American heiress Charlotte Haywood has no wish to get married. Intelligent, unconventional, independent, and outspoken, she is biding her time until she gains control of her fortune. Having access to these funds would allow Charlotte to fulfill a lifelong dream. She plans to go to Egypt to dig up long dead pharaohs.

Nathaniel, Duke of Peckham, also has no wish to get married. He longs for grand adventures, far away from desperate young ladies and scheming mammas. He soon becomes embroiled in a not-so-grand adventure. He's named as the number one suspect when one of these desperate young ladies end up dead.

Charlotte knows Nathaniel isn't guilty. During the murder, he was hiding out with her in the gardens. Admitting to that would prompt an unwanted marriage so the two join forces, racing to solve the murders before Nathaniel is called out by a grieving father, lynched by angry mobs, or worse, forced to wed.

I Bid One American is a very humorous Regency Romance. The characters are wonderfully deep. Charlotte, an heiress no guardian or suitor wants, covers her wounded heart under wit. The constantly harassed Nathaniel verges on the edge of paranoia. As neither care what anyone thinks of them, the dialogue between them is simply hilarious. Charlotte deliberately wrangles Nathaniel's title calling him 'Your Mindless Exaltedness' and 'Your Horrible Highness.' Nathaniel, finding her amusing, encourages Charlotte's antics. Nathaniel and Charlotte work as a couple. I Bid One American is a charmingly original Regency Romance with characters readers won't soon forget.

Reviewed by: Kimber