Czech Mate
Lacey Blake is stuck in a top hotel in Prague, waiting for her loser boyfriend to turn up. He likes to play kinky games and give her a surprise, but this time it’s not a nice surprise – he’s dumped her with barely any cash and she’s dressed in an outfit that makes her look like a hooker. No wonder the clerk thinks she’s trouble. But then Dragan Petrovic, the hotel owner, walks in – and it’s lust at first sight for Lacey.

Dragan is at first more concerned about getting Lacey out of sight of a scientific convention, but he soon realises she’s not a hooker. His desire for her rages out of control, but he tries to be a gentleman, saving the lady in distress – except Lacey is far from being in distress. She’s in control in the bedroom and she knows what she wants, but her fling with Dragan takes an unexpected turn when she accompanies him to the convention dinner. She discovers who Dragan really is, and thinks he’s way out of her league, especially when her ex-boyfriend turns up. Can Dragan convince her to put the past behind her and stay with him?

I laughed all the way through Czech Mate - Lacey’s sense of humour is pithy and hilarious. The sex scenes are scorching hot and there’s a real joy to the whole story, as if Sloane Taylor had a riot of a time writing it. I loved Lacey’s direct, ballsy attitude and the way she embraced her sexuality. There’s another side to the story, too – the scene where they share the truth about their pasts is very well done and believable. If you’re looking for a fun, raunchy read with a heart to it, Czech Mate is for you.

Reviewed by: Maija