Tales of the Darkworld 2: Hot Water
Eden may be a dragon, but she has none of the homebody characteristics that most of her kind does. Her older brother, Sean, is convinced that she is the black sheep and tells her just what he thinks of her and her lifestyle. Eden is so hurt, she runs straight to Carpe Noctem, a vampire club, to prove to herself that her brother is wrong. Eden finds Colin and her dragon immediately wants him. One night just isnít enough and they quickly discover that they are bloodmates. Neither of them knows the otherís last name or that their families are already entwined. Then Colin learns that she is the sister of his new brother-in-law and that she is the black sheep of the family. Colin knows that her brother was wrong about her, and wrong to lie about her to his family, and he is about to show her just what he really thinks of her.

I enjoyed Hot Water even more than I did the first book. Lex Valentine put so much more feeling into this book, and I loved every minute of it. Eden has been hurt so bad and uses a not-so-nice persona to cover all of that hurt. When she begins to fall in love with Colin, that other persona fell away. Her awakening to love and her true nature was more touching than I can describe. Colin is a perfect match for Eden. He is a strong alpha, but has a very tender and loving side that is just what Eden needed to show her that she is a good person. It also seems that their older brothers, Sean and Marius, along with their friend, Alfred, have been up to a bit of matchmaking again. They did the same thing in the first book, but their plan in this book seemed to be even more in-depth and devious, and it worked beautifully.

This is the second book in the series, but can be read as a stand-alone. If you are looking for an erotic paranormal romance story that is emotionally and sexually charged, then I highly recommend Hot Water to be added to your reading list.

Reviewed by: Melissa C.