Heat of Passion
One-night stands are Carson Scottís specialty. Well they were, but after one hot twist in a nightclub supply closet Carson is suddenly thinking of more than one night. He plans on turning over a new leaf and if he ever runs into his sexy closet partner again he wonít be letting her get away a second time.

Holly Lawson has just been dumped and a hot romp with a stranger seems like a great way to sure up her flagging self esteem. With work and family demanding her attention Holly doesnít have time to invest in another relationship that will lead to nowhere. But when her one-night stand turns up weeks later Holly canít believe he wants to see her again.

Holly is more than happy to have a fling but Carson has other ideas. He wants to take their fling one step further into a relationship and heís not above using every weapon in his arsenal, heís a Navy SEAL and they play to win.

Heat of Passion by Elle Kennedy is a hot, sexy read that leaves you breathless. I loved the tug of war between Holly and Carson. Neither of them can deny the chemistry and the sex is hot but Holly wonít give more than sex and Carson wants all of her. As they struggle with their opposing views weíre treated to a fun, emotional read. Ms. Kennedy brings both Carsonís desire for more and Hollyís conflict with her demanding family together well, to deliver a story that has you holding your breath and wishing for the happy ever after. Heat of Passion is part of Ms. Kennedyís Out of Uniform series and Iím looking forward to reading more in the future.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.