Past Promises
Linda Fletcher has finally broken free of her controlling family and opened her dream store, Past Promises Antiques. With the help of handyman Levi, sheís turning her dream into a reality until her powerful and controlling family turn to dirty tricks to get her to return home.

Levi Mann never expected to become so emotionally attached to Linda. Sure sheís hot and heíll bed her if he gets the chance, but the need to see her happy, to give her all that sheís ever wanted and to protect her from those that might hurt her, is something heís never felt for anyone else.

Can Levi figure out what it is about Linda that has him hanging around before her past ruins any chance they may have for a future?

Past Promises by N.J. Walters is the seventh and final book in her Jamesville series. I love this series and Iím sad to say goodbye to some well loved friends. Ms. Walters never fails to deliver an emotional read with plenty of sizzling chemistry and Past Promises doesnít disappoint. Linda Fletcher isnít a new face and neither is Levi Mann, but when they appeared in previous books we didnít get nearly enough of them and Iím more than thrilled they have their own story. Linda is a strong, independent woman who struggles to get away from her controlling family but itís not her they really want control of, itís the money her grandmother left her. Her relationship with Levi is one that while platonic has gone far deeper than friends and with the chemistry between them it is inevitable that they cross over into a physical relationship. The sex between them is hot and their emotional connection grows stronger with each encounter. Leviís protective instincts are brought our when Lindaís family finally finds a way to bend her to their will and he doesnít even break a sweat when he goes to confront them. Levi and Linda almost fall into their relationship but itís more than obvious theyíre meant for each other. Past Promises is a fitting goodbye to a well loved series.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.