Rescuing a beautiful stranger from a frozen creek is the last thing Bobby Blackhawk and Cale Yancey expect to do. Getting her out of the sinking car is the least of their worries, they have to get her warm and they only know one way to do that. Take her home and get naked.

Waking in an unfamiliar bed is not the beginning of Katherine Duvallís strange day. First she finds her fiancť having sex with another woman and now sheís sandwiched between two sexy men. Naked men. In no time these two handsome strangers are warming more than her cold limbs.

Caught in a snow bound cabin, itís not just the fire thatís heating the building. And by the time the snow melts it isnít just the bodies that are entwined, but their hearts as well. Can they turn a few days into a lifetime?

Saddled is scorching hot. Delilah Devlin delivers a powerful punch, both physical and emotional. Katherine, Cale and Bobby come together in an explosive encounter that has you reaching for a cold drink. But Ms. Devlin doesnít just write hot sex, she also gets into her charactersí emotions and pulls the reader in until youíre waiting on the edge of your seat to see what will become of these three when the snow melts. Cale and Bobby are two very different hunky men; both have their own appeal and complement each other well. Katherine is one lucky woman to find herself the center of their attention. Saddled is just the story to keep the sizzle in your summer.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.