Second Hope
Nat Jackson is a horse healer with the miracle touch. She can deal with any injured horse but dealing with an injured human, especially one of the male variety, isnít something sheís prepared for. Her ranch, Second Hope, is not just Natís home, itís her heart. And having a sexy cowboy living under her roof has Nat struggling to keep her distance.

Cole Masterson wants the best for his horse but heís not about to hand him over to a stranger and walk away. Cole wants to be involved in every step of Fleetís rehab. He never expected to get involved with the woman charged with his care. As the weeks go by, it isnít just Coleís horse that responds to Nat.

Nat is a practical woman and she knows that when Fleet has recovered Cole will leave, but no matter how hard she tries, she canít stop her heart from getting involved with more than the horse.

J.B. McDonaldís Second Hope is a story that tugs at the heart strings. It isnít just injured horses that recover at the Second Hope ranch.Ms. McDonald digs deep into the emotions of her characters and as their connection blossoms weíre treated to a romance that makes the heart sing. Nat is cautious when it comes to humans but she gives all her heart to the horses under her care. As the story progresses and she starts to open up her heart to Cole you canít help but fall in love with her. Cole is not the type of male Nat is used to and heís out to prove to her that she can trust him. With both their lives so busy and miles apart, the prospect of continuing their relationship after Cole leaves seems hopeless and I found myself wishing for a miracle to keep these two together. Second Hope delivers a solid emotional read that keeps alive the spirit that true love beats all.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.