Hard on Miss Hardin
Katherine Hardin is a forty year old college professor who for the first time in her twenty year career has a fascination for one of her students. Each day when she enters her classroom her body hums with excitement when Jarrett Jones looks her up and down with eyes full of promise. To cover her feelings for her younger student, she pushes him harder than any of her class. Now school term is over, and Jarrett arrives at her office ready to deliver some punishment of his own because of the way she has treated him all term. For Katherine it is punishment she is only too willing to accept.

Hard on Miss Hardin is an erotic novella that takes you on a ride of forbidden lust. Lyla Sinclair has written a story that focuses on the two main characters and the sexual discovery of an older woman and younger man. Written in first person and from the heroine’s point of view, Ms. Sinclair does a great job of disclosing the hero Jarrett personality, as an equally important aspect of the novel. The sex scenes are hot and well written. This is a great short read, and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. I’m looking forward to reading more of Ms. Sinclair’s work.

Reviewed by: Sandie