After their last child leaves home, Jen and Brett decide it is time to add some extra spice in their lives, their sexual lives. They embark on a whirlwind of sexual fantasies by joining a swingers club via the internet. Here they hookup with Pam and Rick and discover that foursomes can be a whole lot of fun. Tom and Linda, another couple, have rules; could their rules derail the delights awaiting them before they start? Then there is Carl and Alice, Jen is having way too much fun chatting this pair up as far as Brett is concerned. Will Brett let his jealousy ruin what they have just found or will he continue to enjoy the ride.

Brett thinks the term ĎFriends with Benefitsí is sometimes over used, that is until he meets their new playmates.

Hookups is a fun quick read full of sexual fantasies, lust and passion. If Adriana Kraft writes to entertain, she has succeeded with Hookups. The plot is interesting with an older couple hooking up with younger couples, then Brettís unease about swinging with an older couple. In some ways itís a story about trust, would you trust your partner with someone else? While the sex scenes are explicit, Ms. Kraft handles the content well. She has managed to write a unique love story with a twist. The characters are well rounded, each with their own idiosyncrasies that endear them to the reader.

Iím interested to see if we are going to find out more about Jen and Brett and their band of merry swingers; I hope so.

Reviewed by: Sandie