Fire at Midnight
Rachael Penrose is a desperate woman trying to save her baby brother from her uncle, Victor Brightmore’s evil plans to kill them so he can inherit the family fortune. She knows her uncle is the leader of a gang of wreckers and he uses the French Privateer Sebastien Falconer as the scapegoat. Rachael finds herself confined to Bedlam insane asylum and she must find a way to escape to stop Victor from destroying their lives. With the help of a friend she escapes, falling right into the hands of Sebastien Falconer. Will he punish her for her crimes against him and his crew?

Sebastien Falconer is a privateer for the French and he hates the English. He is on a mission to find Rachael Penrose, the woman responsible for the loss of his ship and crew. When Rachael is deposited into his hands, he will discover the truth at all costs. Sebastien uses deceit and deception with Rachael to discover the lies that fall from her lips. Sebastien may have Rachael, but she knows him by a different name and as their hearts are engaged both their lives will change. Will Sebastien discover the truth?

Fire at Midnight is a perfect historical romance that gives the readers suspense, mystery, passion and so much more. Lisa Marie Wilkinson has a thrilling love story on her hands with Fire at Midnight. Rachael and Sebastien’s relationship pulls the reader in as it explodes off the pages as the story unfolds. Ms. Wilkinson gives us a vivid, memorable love story like no other. Her characters are unique and some are a little twisted, but this just adds depth to this fantastic story. I hope some of the secondary characters will get their own stories and I cannot wait to see what Ms. Wilkinson will come up with next.

Reviewed by: Sonya