Called by Blood
Alexander Faustin is ready to settle down and get married. When his mother has a dream about his destined bride, he leaves right away for Colorado. There he has to find away to explain to Helena that vampires exist, and that she is going to be his wife. As soon as he sees her, all thoughts of explaining things go out the window and he cannot stop himself from making out with her on the porch. Helena is not the type to kiss strangers, but something about Alex calls to her. Then she learns the truth of him in a shocking way, and now her trust in him is shattered. Alex has to figure out a way to get her back, or his life will end up very lonely.

There is nothing about this book that I didn't love. Called by Love shook me out of a reading slump and once I started it I could not stop. Alex is not a typical vampire, he loves watching cooking shows, even though he can't eat, and he acts like a human. He is also charming, sexy, and playful. Alex is the type of hero that I can't get enough of. He doesn't constantly profess undying love for Helena, but he knows she is the one for him and he does everything he can to show her that. They have their big ups and downs, and the interactions between them felt very real. They both get angry, and say harsh things to each other. Through it all, Alex looks out for Helena and her very real fears. Watching Helena accept her feelings and getting her happily ever after was a joy to read. Evie Byrne made me enjoy reading again. Called by Blood is a great story about two people coming together, and I am dying to read about Alex's two brothers.

Reviewed by: Ashley