Highland Rebel
Ian MacGregor has traveled through time with friend Quinn from 18th century Scotland to present day. While he used to be the eldest son with great responsibilities back in the 1700s, heís currently the front for the Scottish rock band Outlaw, wooing the lassies with his beautiful eyes, sexy kilt and bagpipes.

Ellie Graham is his tour manager. Her parents died when she was young and since then, sheís had to maintain her cool exterior. Nothing seems to get under her skin; well, nothing except the sexy-as-sin rock singer. When Ellie accidentally steps on an oddly shaped spiral in a cave near her sisterís home, she and friend/scientist Davey catapult through time, back into the 1700s, where she comes face to face with Ianís past.

When Ian returns to his own time to save Ellie, he finds that the world he left behind is in dire straits. Will he want to remain in his own time, or will he return to present day to be with Ellie and the future he sees with her?

Highland Rebel is a wonderful story of a trioís amazing journey back and forth through time. When Ellie and Davey are sent back in time, they not only donít know where they are, they donít know when they are. Thankfully, Ian is there to rescue them a short while later. Then he really shocks the pair: not only have they gone back in time, but heís originally from this time period.

Their journey about the Scottish countryside includes battling the evil forces of the Black Watch, the English occupation. However, unrest was not only found in Ianís country, but also in his own home. There, Ian, Davey and Ellie meet his new half-sister, brothers and ailing father. Thinking Ian dead the long years heís been away, theyíre suspicious of his return.

Ianís conflicted. Should he remain in his own time and try to mend all the broken pieces, an act that could alter history, or should he return back to present day with Ellie, the woman heís grown to love? His conflict really compels the reader to continue turning page after page. The sexual tension between Ellie and Ian is incredibly palpable. The secondary characters are delightfully complex, especially Davey and his own adventures. The reader also meets characters from Ms. Malloryís previous novel, Highland Rogue, sure to satisfy fans of that novel.

Highland Rebel is a thoroughly entertaining read, sure to delight historical fans, time-travel novel aficionados, and simply those who want to escape from every day life for a few short hours.

Reviewed by: Bella