Running for her life, Mackenzie Brooks has come halfway across the country, but every time she thinks she’s safe the madman sprouting tales of destiny and strange cat people finds her. With her funds getting low she takes a job in a bar in New Orleans, and for the first time in months Mackenzie is beginning to feel safe, especially when in the company of Jackson Holt. But letting her guard down could get her or someone close to her hurt, and Jackson and his band of friends are getting close.

Jackson Holt wants to help Mackenzie if she’ll let him. He knows that with the help of his friends he can keep her safe if she’ll just trust him. No one, least of all Jackson, knows exactly who Mackenzie is, but as the pieces fall into place and the past is revealed the fight to save Mackenzie from a madman bent on having her explodes. Jackson is no slouch in the supernatural powers department, but he’s never come up against anything or anyone this strong. Their only hope is to combine forces and eliminate the most powerful man in the country.

Wow! Just wow! Moira Rogers has done it again. Crux, book 1 in the Southern Arcana series is jam packed with nail biting, heart stopping action. Mackenzie is tough, but the unreal world suddenly opening before her eyes is enough to make the hardest nut crack. Ms. Rogers has once again portrayed characters so three-dimensional it felt like they were sitting next to me. Jackson is one yummy hero and can rescue me anytime, but then everyone of the cast in Crux could do the rescuing. The emotional roller coaster Mackenzie travels twists and turns and pulls you with it. Every step of the way you hold your breath, whether praying she gets away or praying her and Jackson get it on. The spark between them is more like a furnace, and things really heat up when Mackenzie’s past starts to be revealed. With a mix of action and danger, both in and out of the bedroom, Ms. Rogers leads us on a trip into the lives of the supernatural population that hooks you in and doesn’t let go, not even after you’ve read the last word. I’ll be first in line when the second book in this series releases, but as a first book Crux goes off with a bang and leaves no part of you unaffected. It’s hard to put into words how great I found this story, all I can say is you HAVE to read it.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.