The last thing Kira MacDonald wants is a mate, but what she wants and what she gets aren’t necessarily the same. With her psychic powers becoming more unstable the hope Kira has to keep her sanity is finding her mate and bonding with him before it’s too late.

Lucas Gunn is Guardian to his shape-shifting clan and used to living alone and being in control; when he’s kidnapped, all that is taken away. The one thing keeping him from losing control and revealing all that he is are dreams of a woman, a fiery redhead that makes his blood boil and his body hard.

Being rescued by the real life version of his dream woman is the last thing Lucas expected, discovering who she is and what they are to each other places them in danger, far greater than either of them expected. With an unknown enemy and danger at every turn, holding onto each other just might be the only hope they have.

Lucas by Eliza Gayle is the first book in her Black Cougar series. Kira and Lucas have an off the scales attraction that escalates as they’re forced into an alliance to save first Lucas and then Kira. The chemistry is sizzling, and you’ll need a cold drink while reading this one. Ms. Gayle has woven an intricate world of supernatural powers that could be in anyone’s backyard, and the clans hidden in the mountains are easily imagined. With secrets and danger shadowing every move, Lucas and Kira struggle against the need to claim each other while fighting to overcome an unseen enemy. Scorching hot sex and adrenaline pumping life or death action keep the pages turning until you reach the end. A satisfying read, Lucas is the beginning of a series worth getting your hands on.

Reviewed by: Rachel C.